Ostrom Lab


The Ostrom lab seeks to uderstand how cells “pre-arrange” multiple signaling components in G protein couple receptor (GPCR) signal transduction cascades. Using expression of mutant signaling proteins, siRNA knockdown of native protein expression, and a variety of cell biological and biochemical approaches, Dr. Ostrom examines signaling mechanisms of GPCR.  He is interested in the organization of cAMP signaling microdomains in the plasma membrane, especially in lipid raft/caveolin-rich regions. Various receptors, G-proteins and effectors, particularly adenylyl cyclase, localize in lipid rafts while others are excluded from these domains. The long-term focus of Dr. Ostrom’s research to understand how cAMP signaling compartments are formed and maintained, what components allow the cell to interpret these spatial signals differently, and how these features might be altered in disease.  An understanding of these compartments and the cellular responses they mediate will lead to novel therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease, asthma, COPD and likely many other maladies.


Rennolds Ostrom, Ph.D.

Professor of Pharmacology